AG Solution's Dynamic Annual Meeting 2023 in Video Format

We had the pleasure of teaming up with AG Solution to bring their Annual Meeting 2023 to life in an exciting video format. With creativity as our guiding force, we embarked on a journey to showcase each department's brilliance in a refreshing and engaging way. Collaborating with the team at AG Solution, we achieved a remarkable final product despite time constraints.

TikTok-style Videos with a Twist

In an innovative twist, the event featured playful TikTok-style videos crafted by AG Solution's very own collaborators. Each video provided a glimpse into the distinct personality and energy of every department. From the technical wizards to the visionary strategists, the talent of AG Solution shone through in these snappy and fun clips.

Empowering Department Managers:

Keynotes and key figures took center stage, delivered passionately by the department managers. Their expertise and leadership illuminated AG Solution's achievements and future aspirations. Each speaker was recorded at the AG Solution HQ.

Seamless Editing for Maximum Impact:

In the editing room, we weaved the TikTok-style videos and keynote sessions together, forming a seamless narrative.

We are grateful to AG Solution for choosing NMK to produce their Annual Meeting 2023 in video format. We collaboratively aimed to deliver an immersive and entertaining experience, keeping viewers engaged from start to finish.