Roularta / Journal du Médecin-Artsenkrant: launch of a new e-learning platform EDUTHON

NMK presents one of its latest project for Roularta Media Group.
Eduthon, launched by Artsenkrant / Le Journal du Médecin, is the new online platform for networking and acquiring knowledge in a modern, reliable and secure way.The platform offers online access to all articles, interactive webinars, online discussions, e-learning and other quality training forms.

This global project included :
- Concept, Art Direction and Copywriting for the teasing and launching campaign
- Creation of communication supports (DM, EDM, banners, teasing and launching website)
- Creation and production of an animated video explaining the new platform
- Creation and production of the 3D logo and visuals.

Credits: Roularta Healthcare & NMK