Roularta: Eduthon

Eduthon, launched by Artsenkrant / Le Journal du Médecin, is the new online platform for networking and acquiring knowledge in a modern, reliable, and secure way. The platform offers online access to all articles, interactive webinars, online discussions, e-learning, and other quality training forms.

Concept, Art Direction, and Copywriting:

We developed an engaging and impactful teasing and launching campaign.

Communication Support Creation

We designed and created various communication materials such as direct mail, email marketing, banners, and a dedicated website for the launch.

Animated Video Production:

We produced an engaging animated video that effectively explains the features and benefits of the new platform.

Visual Identity:

We crafted a captivating 3D logo and stunning visuals to enhance the brand identity.


Copy: Alex Skim
Art Direction: Kadima Muela
Account Manager: Diane Vandebroek

3D Representation of the Eduthon Logo

The logo and its various visuals were meticulously crafted to support the Eduthon campaign.

The 3D representation, rendered with Octane renderer, brings an additional layer of dynamism, emphasizing the platform's cutting-edge approach.