The Pack: Soundtrack - Showreel

We are delighted to have composed the soundtrack for the new showreel of The .
We take immense pride in our collaboration to create this captivating soundscape.


THE PACK is a brand new identity that emerged from the collaboration of talented artists from ACE Image Factory, The Fridge, and Nozon 3D&Vfx, bringing together their expertise in every aspect of digital imagery.

Composing "Open Space"

"I had the privilege of composing the captivating soundtrack for THE PACK's showreel, using a fusion of classic, analogue, and digital instruments and tools. The sonic journey was crafted with renowned synthesizers like The Prophet REV2 and Moog Mother-32, along with meticulously recorded and arranged samples from Spitfire Audio's Hans Zimmer percussions and Chamber Strings library, Orchestral Tools amongst others. All brought together seamlessly in Steinberg Cubase."

Kadima Muela