Our 3D projects

Here you'll find a collection of our 3D projects.

Mr Bot Laboratory - Short-film

When you do your traineeship at NMK, you have the opportunity to choose which skills and ...

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A 3D journey showcasing the versatile applications of Sika's cutting-edge products.

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NMK's Halloweek

Unveiling a 3D Creation Every Day During Halloween Week! Go Behind the Scenes: Discover the Making of Our Creations!

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NMK - Season's Greetings

We crafted a heartwarming story of a greeting card's journey to the North Pole ...

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Octane and Cinema 4D at NMK

Using Octane Render and Cinema 4D to enhance our production pipeline.

These versatile tools not only facilitate stunning final renders but also grant us the flexibility to seamlessly incorporate client feedback, providing a look closer to the finished product with ease.

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